Technical Stuff
Stinger.exe (Apr-2010)

 Lexmark T522 Win9x TCP/IP printer drivers
 ssh for password-less connections
 Copying files from Mac HFS CD under Windows
 Epson Colour Stylus 3000 print drivers
 Installing InoculateIT anti-virus software
 Building Apache with Mod-SSL
 Setting the Windows clock from a timeserver
 Using VNC through a putty SSL tunnel
* School Computing Lab PC setup
* MatLab R13 License server setup
* SquirrelMail setup
* Windows XP Install/Defaults
* born setup
* Solaris setup
* Samba Notes ver. 3
* Clone Windows XP
* Fedora Notes

CA Root Certificate for UTas Maths & Physics

Files marked * have restricted access

Revised 15-Apr-2010