Using VNC through a Putty SSL tunnel

Get the latest version of  putty  (0.59b works).

Step 2.:
Get the VNC viewer from here  You
can read more about VNC here

Step 3.:
Run putty and setup an SSL connection and tunnel to the VNC server.

In this example we have setup an ssl connection to and given
it the session name (VNC) .

Now set the SSL options to use compression and the SSH2 protocol.

Finally set up a tunnel from port 5900 to your computer to port 5953 on
the VNC server.

Now you must save the session otherwise you'll need to do it all again
next time you make a connection.

Open the session and make a connection to the VNC server.

Step 4.:
Run the VNC viewer and make a connection to localhost:5900.

You should have a login prompt from the VNC server machine now.