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Stochastic Modelling meets Phylogenetics


collaborative workshop 16-18 Nov 2015

University of Tasmania, Hobart

The aim of the workshop is to establish a cross-disciplinary collaboration in stochastic modelling and phylogenetics. Stochastic modelling is a key theoretical area of research used in the applications in phylogenetics. Therefore, knowledge of the current advancements in the stochastic models is an advantage for researchers pursuing phylogenetics problems. Similarly, stochastic modelling advancements are stimulated by the real-life problems of significance. Therefore, learning about the needs of the modern phylogenetics is of interest to stochastic modellers. This workshop aims to facilitate training and innovation.

Key activities:

  1. Overview of the classic stochastic models, with the focus on the recent advancements in the modern literature:
    1. quasi-birth-and-death processes (QBDs),
    2. stochastic fluid models (SFMs),
    3. branching processes (BPs).
  2. Overview of the current big problems and modelling needs of phylogenetics, with the focus on the limitations of the existing models. 
  3. Discussions and brainstorming of the research ideas, with the focus on the development of a collaborative project encompassing the two research areas:
    1. stochastic models that need to be constructed and analysed in order to address the modern needs of phylogenetics,
    2. phylogenetics methods that could be built on the current unexplored application potential of the existing stochastic models.

program (pdf)


Attendance at this workshop is by invitation.
If you are interested in being part of this collaboration, please
Małgorzata O'Reilly or Barbara Holland


This workshop has been jointly funded by UTAS Career Development Scholarship 2015
Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS).

Thank you.