Phylomania 2017

The Ninth UTAS Theoretical Phylogenetics Meeting

December 6-8 inclusive, 2017

Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart, TASMANIA


Organized by: Michael Charleston and the rest of the theoretical phylogenetics group at UTAS

Provisional Programme here

List of Abstracts here

This year only!
Phylomania #9 will be coordinating with the annual meeting of the 2017 Australasian Evolution Society, also in Hobart, from 4th to 6th December.
In particular, Wednesday the 6th will be a joint day of both conferences.
Also the conference dinner will be for both conferences, and its cost will be part of the conference registration fee.
Stay tuned!
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Phylogenetics is concerned with one of the most important problem in biology: reconstructing the evolutionary history of present-day organisms from molecular data, such as DNA, or morphological characters. Hidden from view, in phylogenetics software packages used by biologists, are algorithms implementing stochastic and combinatorial methods on binary trees, as well as more general network structures. The mathematics involved represent a unique confluence of probability theory, discrete mathematics, stochastic methods, and statistical inference, as well as algebraic methods such as group theory. There are many important theoretical and practical problems that arise, such as statistical identifiability of models, consistency and convergence of methods. These problems can only be solved using a multi-disciplinary approach. Phylomania brings together internationally recognised experts, with the aim of discussing the pressing research problems in phylogenetics.

Programme and Abstracts

The talks will be scheduled for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The meeting will start 9am Wednesday and conclude officially at 5pm Friday. We will arrange a group excursion, such as a guided walk (weather permitting) for the following Saturday, depending on numbers and the weather. The conference dinner will be on Wednesday night.

Social Whatnots

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  • Long talk, short talk, poster?

    When you register please let us know if you would like to give a a 40 minute talk or a 20 minute talk, and you can always bring a poster. Yes we would love it if you would bring a poster as well as give a talk!


    Registration cost is $175AUD for academics / professionals and $120AUD for students. The registration is to cover catering --- morning and afternoon tea / coffee / snacks, and lunch, and some awards, and is worked out based on previous conferences: we think it's pretty reasonable and we think the food and drink will be excellent.
    Once you've registered, you should also pay because we'll need to buy supplies.
    Register BELOW!

    (Don't worry if you've registered on the previous, non-combined form: we have your details.)


    Here is the online payment form:

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    Local information

    Social Events

    We have a fantastic range of social events lined up designed to facilitate conversation and discussion.
    This will start with an opening night at a local venue in town on the Sunday night for those of you who arrive early, and culminate in a final dinner on the Wednesday at the wonderful
    Willie Smiths Apple Shed.
    There will also be plenty of opportunities to sample some of the sights, sounds and tastes that Hobart has to offer.
    There is local information above and more from the lovely people at the AES here. Information on all of these events will be contained on the website.


    For those of you looking to book accommodation early(ish), there are a range of options both near to the Uni and in the City itself. Of particular interest, is perhaps the University of Tasmania Accommodation Services, which has a range of cheap(er) possibilities.
    These include
    For those lonely souls willing to share, we are able to book apartment or lodge places on your behalf, at approximately $50 - $55 per night, subject to availability and numbers.
    If you would like to take advantage of this option, email George Cunningham (AES or combined conferences), or Michael Charleston (Phylomania or combined), making sure to note if there are any other attendees who you’d like to share with, and, of course, who they are.

    As well as the University itself, the surrounding suburb of Sandy Bay has a range of accommodation options that will cater to all needs. These are all within walking distance to the University, Hobart city and the wharf area. Some examples of the kind of places that may be available include Grovesnor Court Apartment, St Ives Apartments, Red Awnings Apartments, Apartments at Wolmers, Mayfair Plaza Hotel, and the Blue Hills Hotel. Of course it is also worth checking out Stayz and Airbnb for plenty of great alternative options.

    Beyond Sandy Bay, the city offers a myriad of potential accommodation options (too many to list here).
    The city is within easy walking distance from the University (20 - 30 minutes) but there are also many buses that service the University from the centre of the city.
    For those of you looking for budget accommodation the city has a number of budget hostels.
    These include the Pickled Frog hostel, The Brunswick Hotel, Imperial Hotel, and Hobart Central YHA.


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