Phylomania 2014

 November 5-7


Organized by: Jeremy Sumner and Barbara Holland

Phylogenetics is concerned with the problem of reconstructing the past evolutionary history of organisms from molecular data, such as DNA, or morphological characters. There is ongoing interest in the further development of the mathematics that underlies computational phylogenetic methods. Hidden from view, in the software packages used by biologists, are algorithms performing statistical inference using Markov models on binary trees. The mathematics involved represents a unique confluence of probability theory, discrete mathematics, statistical inference, algebraic geometry, and group theory. There are many important theoretical problems that arise, such as statistical identifiability of models, consistency and convergence of methods. These problems can only be solved using a multi-disciplinary approach. Phylomania brings together phylogenetic researchers with a strong theoretical leaning, with the aim of discussing some of the more pressing problems.
Confirmed speakers
Registration cost is $125 with a reduced rate of $40 for students. Email Barbara to register for the meeting.
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Long talk, short talk, or a poster?
There are limited slots for speakers, but if you miss out don't despair as we will also provide space and time for posters and a Q&A session. When you register please let us know if you would like to give a a 40 minute talk, a 20 minute talk or present a poster.
Local information

Program and Abstracts
The talks will be scheduled for the Weds 5th, Thurs 6th, and the morning of Friday 7th. On Friday afternoon we will arrange a group excursion. The conference dinner will be Thursday night.
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*NEW* Talk slides: 5th, 6th and 7th


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