Phylomania 2022: Ducks in a Row

The Fourteenth Theoretical Phylogenetics Meeting at UTAS

November 23th - 25th



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Phylogenetics is concerned with one of the most important problems in biology: reconstructing the evolutionary history of present-day organisms from molecular data, such as DNA, or morphological characters.

Hidden from view, in phylogenetics software packages used by biologists, are algorithms implementing stochastic and combinatorial methods on binary trees, as well as more general network structures. The mathematics involved represent a unique confluence of probability theory, discrete mathematics, stochastic methods, and statistical inference, as well as algebraic methods such as group theory.

There are many important theoretical and practical problems that arise, such as statistical identifiability of models, consistency and convergence of methods. These problems can only be solved using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Phylomania brings together internationally recognised experts, with the aim of discussing the pressing research problems in phylogenetics.

The Conference This Year...

This year's conference will be a hybrid format, with in-person talks in Hobart at the Sandy Bay campus, as well as online and pre-recorded talks. We hope to see many of you in Hobart!

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Anyone can register to come along and watch some wonderful talks, present your own talk or maybe present a poster!

Registration costs: $180 for full price and $100 for Students (free for online attendees).

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Please note the following deadlines for registering:

Registration (presenters) October 28th
Abstract submission October 28th
Pre-recorded talk submission November 11th
Poster submission November 11th
Registration (other attendees) November 11th