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Des FitzGerald

What students said about these units:

Units KMA153 Data Handling & Statistics 1, KMA272 Mathematics IV (Introductory Applied Statistics) and KMA165 Mathematics in Life Sciences

I really enjoyed this unit as the assessment,I feel, was fair and the subject taught in an easily followed and methodical way. It was easy to gain understanding and if I had any queries, the staff were readily available to help. Well done.

I now have a basic unerstanding of an area I knew nothing about before...

The progression from one unit to another was good...well-integrated. Although statistics is not my interest, this course was easy to understand.

I enjoy it very much.

I was apprehensive about this unit as I don't have any prior knowledge and numbers in general are not my strong suit. However, Des taught it well, and in a way which made even the most complicated concepts eventually become clear...the practical nature of the assignments meant I actually had to understand the concepts, rather than just cram for an exam.

Unit: KMA374 Mathematics VIb, Intermediate Applied Statistics

...I have really enjoyed studying this unit, more so than any other math= s unit... in fact it ranks as one of the best I have done at this University.

Probably the most interesting and well presented maths unit I've had.