Data from the Framingham Heart study. In 1948, the study was initiated to identify the common factors or characteristics that contribute to CVD by following its development over time in group of participants who had not yet developed overt symptoms of CVD or suffered a heart attack or stroke.

The researchers recruited 5,209 men and women between the ages of 30 and 62 from the town of Framingham, Massachusetts. Every two years, a series of extensive physical examinations and lifestyle interviews were conducted.

This data set is subset of the Framingham Heart study data. The data is stored as 4 columns. Each row represents a single subject. CIG Number of cigarettes smoked per day CHD 2-10 - examination at which CHD first diagnosed YRS CHD Person years observation until withdrawal or first CHD event. pre - pre-existing condition 0-18 - years DEATH 0 - alive at examination 10 2-10 - first examination that had been scheduled following the date of death YRS DTH Person years observation for mortality CAUSE Cause of death
ID: a number which uniquely identifies the subject
SEX: Subjects gender
AGE: Age at examination 1
FRW: Framingham relative weight - the ratio of the subjects weight to the median weight for their sex-height group
SBP: Systolic blood pressure, examination 1
SBP10: Systolic blood pressure, examination 10
DBP: Diastolic blood pressure, examination 1
CHOl: Serum cholesterol
CIG: Number of cigarettes smoked per day
CHD: Coronary heart disease diagnosis, 0 - no evidence of CHD through examination 10 1 - pre-existing CHD at examination 1
CHOl: Serum cholesterol
CHOl: Serum cholesterol
YEAR: the year in which the obervation was taken

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